Company Overview

Vedanta Zinc International – based in Johannesburg, South Africa – is a grouping of zinc assets located in South Africa, Namibia and Ireland, owned by India-based Vedanta Limited, a listed subsidiary of Vedanta Resources plc.

Operations include Black Mountain Mining (BMM) in the Bushmanland/Namaqua region of South Africa’s Northern Cape province, Skorpion Zinc (mine and refinery) in the Karas region of Namibia and the Lisheen Mine in Ireland (in active closure*).

We are committed to delivering on our promise to develop the Gamsberg-Skorpion Refinery Conversion Project to extend the lives of our operations.

Our vision is to create an integrated regional zinc complex with Gamsberg, BMM and the Skorpion Zinc refinery emerging as world-class operations.

* Mining activity at Lisheen was concluded in November 2015. Milling ceased in December 2015 after 17 years of operation. The operation consisted of an underground mine, concentrator and backfill plant (typically producing 300 000 tonnes of zinc concentrate and 38 000 tonnes of lead concentrate every year). Focusing on physical closure of the mine and aftercare of the site, a best practice mine closure plan has been implemented to fully address regulatory authority permit requirements.

Vedanta is the largest private employer in the Bushmanland/Namaqua region, employing a total of 1 532 people at BMM and Gamsberg (796 direct and 736 contractors). A total of 296 people (mainly contractors on site) are employed at Gamsberg.

Some 80% of these employees are from the Northern Cape including some 60% from the Namaqua district (Khai-Ma and Nama Khoi municipal areas). In 2015, 12 new local businesses were created and commercial opportunities to the value of R7.1 million were provided.

Childcare and education support programmes benefit more than 1 800 children at a cost of R6 million. We also support various youth and sports clubs as part of our corporate social responsibility programme.

Our subsidiary Sesa Sterlite Ltd was renamed Vedanta Ltd in April 2015. The name change positions us as a united and aligned identity, strengthening the linkage between our global businesses and communities.